Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Electrifying news?!

In the latest post of Guy Bowerman's blog I noticed a new case study about Informix. You can choose to read about it in the IBM website, or on the consulting company who did it website.
Hildebrand worked together with IBM labs (Hursley) in order to achieve real-time collection and analysis of detailed energy usage using commodity hardware.
This involves loading around 50000 events per second into the database. This is the estimate needed to support three million homes.
An innovative component of Informix was used: Timeseries Datablade
Timeseries is a datablade designed to load and handle massive amount of data which is time related. Any kind of repetitive measure along a timeline is what we're talking about, and apparently that was essential to this project. Datablades are pieces of software that work like plugins which extend the basic Informix functionality.

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